Fearless is a one hour documentary about 92 year old playwright Julia Britton.

You can view the trailer here:

Fearless was screened on ABC1 in 2010 to excellent audiences, in a Sunday evening slot.

I co-wrote, directed and produced the film with Rob George, who first met Julia when he ‘sort of produced’ one of her plays in Adelaide, after the previous producer dropped out.

Rob and I interviewed Julia and she seemed good talent, and had a fascinating tale to tell. But what was the story, I mused.

When Julia told Rob she was travelling to the UK with her director Robert Chuter to put on Fresh Pleasures, about Bloomsbury artist Duncan Grant, we applied forwith to the AFC for quick response funding. Luckily for us, Julia Overton and assessor Bob Connolly loved the idea and the trailer we’d created, and gave us the money.

We spent three weeks in London filming all their activities, including opening night, and a side trip by Julia to her grammar school in Manchester, who dug out her academic records. Julia wowed an audience of teenage girls with the comment ‘do what you want to do, because that’s what you’ll be good at.’

We eventually secured funding from the AFC, Film Victoria, Ovation and the Department of the Ageing. I co-edited the film with Rosie Jones, who did a wonderful job of reordering the scenes and discovering key elements that I’d discarded.

Check out the website:  http://www.thefearlessjuliabritton.com.

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