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Feature Films from the Spierig Brothers, Rolf De Heer and Greg Mclean greenlit

Screen Australia today announced $5.5 million investment in three new feature
projects triggering over $17 million in production.

Predestination is a new film noir, science fiction, crime thriller from writer/director
brothers Michael and Peter Spierig (Daybreakers) about the life of a temporal agent
who has to recruit his younger self to pursue the one criminal who has for a lifetime
eluded him. Produced by Paddy McDonald and Tim McGahan, the film is based on
the short story by revered sci-fi author Robert A Heinlein.

Veteran Australian filmmaker Rolf de Heer’s Charlie’s Country has also been
approved for investment. Rolf de Heer will once again collaborate with one of
Australia’s greatest actors David Gulpilil (The Tracker). Produced by Nils Erik
Nielsen and Peter Djigirr, the film is an uplifting tragi-comic portrait of one man’s
struggle to define himself as an Aboriginal in modern Australia.

Screen Australia also confirmed its commitment to the horror feature Wolf Creek 2
from director Greg McLean. The film is written by McLean and Aaron Sterns and
produced by Helen Leake, Greg McLean and Steve Topic.

“These three diverse feature projects supported by Screen Australia today come from
some of the most exciting filmmaking teams in Australia,” said Screen Australia’s
Chief Executive Ruth Harley.

“Predestination is a strong script which will be executed by a proven and talented
team passionate about the sci-fi genre.

“Charlie’s Country continues a tradition of Rolf de Heer’s previous films The Tracker
and Ten Canoes which combines cultural significance with commercial and critical

“The long-awaited return of the mad killer Mick Taylor in the sequel to Wolf Creek
comes from an experienced team which can take advantage of the significant pre-
existing market awareness both in Australia and overseas,” concluded Dr Harley.


Vertigo Productions Pty Ltd
Producers Nils Erik Nielsen, Peter Djigirr
Writer/Director Rolf de Heer
International Sales Fandango Portobello
Australian Distributor Hopscotch
Cast David Gulpilil
Synopsis Rolf de Heer and David Gulpilil collaborate to create a tragi-comic
portrait of Charlie’s struggle to understand how he should define himself as an
Aboriginal in modern Australia.


Wolfhound Pictures/Blacklab Entertainment
Producers Paddy McDonald, Tim McGahan
Writer/Directors Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig
International Sales Arclight Films
Australian Distributor Pinnacle Films
Synopsis Chronicles the life of a temporal agent who on his final assignment must
recruit his younger self, while pursuing the one criminal that has eluded him
throughout time.


Emu Creek Pictures Pty Ltd
Producer/Writer/Director Greg McLean
Producers Helen Leake, Steve Topic
Writer Aaron Sterns
International Sales Arclight Films
Australian Distributor Roadshow Films
Synopsis The outback once again becomes a place of mind-bending horror, action
and suspense as another unwitting backpacker becomes prey for crazed, serial-killing
pig-shooter, Mick Taylor.

Screen Australia: Thursday 6 September 2012


He terrified audiences with his depraved take on Ivan Milat-style serial killer Mick
Taylor back in 2005. Now, after one false start and a funding fall-out, Aussie actor
John Jarratt is finally set to reprise the role that helped make Wolf Creek one of
Australia’s most successful horror flicks, reports the Daily Telegraph. So far, Jarratt
is the only actor cast in the sequel and the actor told Confidential yesterday he is
ready to transform back into his blood-thirsty alter ego, saying the script penned by
writer director Greg McLean is “just as scary” as the original. “It’s the sort of stuff
horror buffs really want,” said Jarratt, who had recently wrapped a small part in
Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Django Unchained.

Crawlspace to premiere at Cannes

A new Australian film by a first-time feature film director has been picked up by
Arclight Films ahead of a world premiere at Cannes film market. Crawlspace, a
psychological thriller by writer/director Justin Dix, will be handled by Arclight’s
genre arm, Darclight Films. The film has also secured North American rights,
acquired by Los Angeles-based XYZ Films.

Dix told Encore there was no Australian distributor attached yet, but he hoped the
film would be out this year.

He said: “I hope so. I can’t see why it wouldn’t. I know a lot of these things come
down to peak time and being strategic. I’d love to say it will be.”

Produced by John Finemore, The film is about a team of elite Australian soldiers
who are sent into the US military base Pine Gap in the Australian outback. The team
discover the site is a testing ground for something more sinister, battling escaped

Gary Hamilton, managing director of Arclight Films said: “Crawlspace is a prime
example of the new face of the sci-fi action thriller. It has a rich story line, intense
action, fascinating characters and top of the line special f/x via the expertise of one of
the best special effects masters in the business, director Justin Dix.

Dix comes from a special effects background, having worked on two Star Wars films,
Red Hill and the forthcoming 100 Bloody Acres.

Crawlspace, made without finance from any of the funding bodies, was produced by
Greg McLean’s Wolf Creek Pictures, Finemore’s Maker Films and Dix’s own Wicked
of Oz Studios. Dix told Encore: “It gave us autonomy. It’s great. I’m a control freak.

Dix told Encore that, as well as XYZ coming on board, a lot came out of a recent trip
to the states. Dix said: “I picked up a manager, screened Crawlspace to WME which
is one of the largest agencies and pitched two new projects. I’m not one to hang
around see what Crawlspace does, I’m on to the next thing, in the same vein as
Crawlspace, a claustrophobic story with spooks.”

He added: “I don’t know how it will go here but it will have international appeal with
top quality in the way it looks and its actors. It’s a movie I’d go see. Whenever I watch
it to review I want to watch the whole thing. It’s in my top ten films.”

http://mumbrella.com.au – May 3rd, 2012